Rugged Datamate cable-to-cable connectors

Compact 2mm pitch Datamate cable-to-cable connectors from Harwin are now available in the UK from Powell Electronics. These are ideally suited for ... read more

Mate-before-lock mechanism for DMM connectors

Nicomatic has introduced the D53C, a new captive screw option for all DMM connectors To improve the speed, ease and security of mating for its MIL-... read more

Extreme Connectivity for Defence

Military vehicle connectors must maintain reliable functionality under extreme operating and environmental conditions Military vehicles face a vari... read more

High-voltage cable connector module

Connector manufacturer ODU has expanded its ODU-MAC Blue-Line portfolio with a new 6 contact high-voltage module The new module combines a compact ... read more

Test Laboratory for Connectors

A new testing laboratory has been opened to offer materials & environmental test services for customer interconnect products As part of its des... read more