Mate-before-lock mechanism for DMM connectors

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Mate-Before-Lock feature improves speed and accuracy of mating for 2mm pitch connectors

Nicomatic has introduced the D53C, a new captive screw option for all DMM connectors

To improve the speed, ease and security of mating for its MIL-SPEC DMM rugged 2mm pitch metal connectors, this new ‘mate-before-lock’ fixing hardware provides rapid, simple and secure mating, preventing contact damage and ensuring the screw cannot be lost.

Nicomatic DMM connectors comply with MIL-DTL-83513G performance standards and enable a wide range of modularity compared to other MIL-SPEC connectors, such as Micro-D or Sub-D. Engineers can customise pin count (both row and contact number), pin contact type (signal, power and coax/RF) and mounting style (board to board, board to wire, wire to wire, or panel mount) options. DMM connectors also allow space-saving, as well as providing electromagnetic and mechanical protection.

The D53C is a new captive screw option developed by Nicomatic for all its DMM connectors. Its ‘mate-before-lock’ mechanism securely places and mates the connector before the screw is tightened. Being captive, the fixing hardware stays attached to the connector, even when unscrewed; this prevents the screw from getting lost and causing damage to the equipment.

Nicomatic says that this new fixing hardware is ideal for applications in the field, such as switching out battery packs or payloads on UAVs, where technicians and operators need a quick, secure and reliable mating method that helps ensure prevention of contact damage.

The D53C can also handle salt spray, oil-based and synthetic lubricants and coolants, and temperatures from -55C to +125C, as well as shock severity of up to 100g for 6 ms sawtooth (with no signal interruption > 1 s) and vibration severity of up to 10 to 2000 Hz/15g/3 axis/12 cycles per axis (with no signal interruption > 1 s)

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