Rugged Datamate cable-to-cable connectors

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Datamate connectors have a 3A current rating per contact and a wide operating temperature range

Compact 2mm pitch Datamate cable-to-cable connectors from Harwin are now available in the UK from Powell Electronics.

These are ideally suited for many demanding applications on land, sea and air, offering established high reliability in a COTS connector system.

Designed for mating one cable harness to another, the 4-finger contact design of the Datamate connector series guarantees electrical contact through high vibration and shock. Housings are polarised and shrouded for mechanical protection and error-free mating. Rugged stainless jackscrews or easy-to-mate latches ensure secure connections under extreme environmental conditions.

The Datamate connector series includes a 3A current rating per contact, a very wide operating temperature range from -55°C up to +125°C, a vibration resistance of 10G for 6 hours, a shock resistance of 100G for 6ms and a durability of at least 500 mating cycles.

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