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EnvironmentalEngineering.org.uk is owned and published by Concorde Publishing Ltd and produced in association with The Society of Environmental Engineers.

Our principal editor is Andy Pye and the technology editor is Jonathan Newell, both established figures in the industry with strong engineering and publishing backgrounds.

Our aim is to bring the latest news and technology information to professionals engineers every day, offering them industry insight, new developments and inspiring ideas.


News and special features are added daily to our growing archive, creating a rich and valuable information resource for anybody involved or interested in the protection of equipment from the environment and protecting the environment from industrial equipment and processes.

Within the wide scope of the engineering profession, we cover test and quality engineering, equipment reliability, cleanrooms and contamination control as well as emerging technologies relating to the Internet of Things (IoT) and vehicle autonomy.

With free access, free publication of news and free newsletter distribution, both users and suppliers have the world of environmental engineering at their fingertips.

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EnvironmentalEngineering.org.uk sits alongside Concorde Publishing’s range of print, digital and online publications including DAQ, Sensors & Instrumentation, EMC Testing, Climatic & Vibration Testing, Aerospace Test & Validation, Testing & Test Houses, Automotive Test & Validation, Cleanrooms & Contamination Control, Electronics Testing and TestHouseDirectory.com.

It also sits alongside the print publication Environmental Engineering which is published by Concorde on behalf of the Society of Environmental Engineers.

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The editors welcome news and article submissions (including technical articles, case studies and events details) for publication and the opportunity to interview key industry figures for our special features in online, print and digital editions.

For all enquiries about the website, in the first instance please contact either Jon Newell, Technology Editor at jon.newell@concordepublishing.com or John Harvey, Sales Manager at john.harvey@concordepublishing.com