Measurement system for collimator setup and qualification

A testing system for the manufacturing, alignment and installation of refractive and reflective collimators has been made available From the visibl... read more

Compact Positioning Sensor Range

The latest class of Baumer sensors combines high measurement precision of up to 5 micrometres in a compact package. Using profile analysis, the ‘... read more

Flow Meters Aid Clean Energy

Ultrasonic flow meters smooth the way for cooling systems for energy generation The new PCE-TDS 200+ ultrasonic flow meter from PCE Instruments is ... read more

Large Measuring Field Profile Scanner

The scanCONTROL LLT30xx range of 2D/3D laser line profile sensors from Micro-Epsilon now come with two larger measuring fields. The LLT30xx-430 and... read more

3D Automatic Optical Inspection

Mek is producing a modular full 3D AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) system for THT solder joints and THT components. SpectorBOX X1 takes a differ... read more