High Speed Data Acquisition for Railway Monitoring

McLaren Applied is helping Network Rail to maintain the railway system with the latest 5G connectivity and a new active antenna Technology transfer... read more

Ethernet Performance Test Platform

Keysight has introduced the AresONE-M 800GE, a comprehensive Layer 1-3 Ethernet performance test platform Data-intensive applications like artifici... read more

Ultra high-speed Telemetry

Technology partnership to deliver ultra high-speed telemetry for motorsport applications. Two companies are targeting new breakthroughs in connecti... read more

5G Vehicle OTA Test System

A versatile and cost-effective antenna OTA test system has been designed for seamless integration with existing EMC chambers. The system is a joint... read more

Network analyser with fast EVM measurement

The Keysight E5081A ENA-X is a midrange vector network analyser for fast, accurate error vector magnitude (EVM) measurements Demand for faster data... read more