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The GTA in-line strain gauge measuring amplifier is precise, dynamic and powerful

GTM has developed an innovative and high-performance in-line strain gauge measuring in-line amplifier

GTM Testing and Metrology has introduced a new strain gauge measuring amplifier, the GTM in-line amplifier (ILA) with a high specification in terms of dynamics, precision and robustness. It is equipped with an EtherCAT interface, a measuring rate of 40 kS/s, a bandwidth of 2 kHz and precision class 0.01.

The new in-line measuring amplifier (ILA) is ideal for decentralised, highly dynamic and automated test bench measurement systems or for industrial automation applications with an EtherCAT interface. The ILA, which complies with protection class IP67, was developed for use in the vicinity of strain gauge transducers, which allows decentralised data acquisition right in the field.

As a decentralised system, the sensor measuring leads are significantly shorter, which substantially improves metrological performance. The use of Power over Ethernet (PoE) for the system topology, which ensures a decentralised system that is connected via industrial RJ45 cables, ensures low operating costs. An integrated switch allows fast and convenient daisy chaining of numerous ILAs for additional reduction of system costs, especially in the case of multi-channel installations.

The ILAs are designed for fast and convenient “plug & process” installation using standard M12 connectors on the sensor side and robust RJ45 connectors on the system side, so the entire measuring chain is provided by a single source from the force transducer to the connecting leads and the EtherCAT interface.

The new, smart decentralised GTM ILA makes it possible to completely redesign test benches and machines, since it combines the worlds of DIN rail strain gauge measuring amplifiers and conventional data acquisitions systems (DAQs).

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