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Flexible data logger for ADAS development with support for PCI-based and network-based acquisition

Flexible data logger for ADAS development supports both PCI-based and network-based data acquisition

Instrumentation supplier, Klas has launched its next generation of automotive data logging systems. The company specialises in rugged data acquisition systems that can be used on the network edge, at the point of us of the equipment being logged. The new system, recently showcased at the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in Stuttgart, is the TRX D8 2.0, which was developed specifically to log the unprecedented growth in vision-based data for advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) functionality.

As such, the TRX D8 2.0 is the first adaptable vehicle data logging system to address the need for high-speed storage as part of existing in-vehicle PCIe-based toolchains, with the flexibility to connect and capture data from the next generation of high-bandwidth ethernet network-based vehicle sensors. Such sensors are an integral part of connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs) and provide the environmental awareness that the vehicle control systems need to function effectively and safely. The data streams associated with this task are extremely large, presenting a challenge for data capture and analysis.

In this respect, with its 240TB of storage and disk write speeds up to 200Gbps (25GB/s), the TRX D8 2.0 is unmatched regarding the volume and type of data captured during test drives. Where simulation is used, the data can be quickly and easily offloaded to the HIL/SIL (Hardware/Software in the Loop) or cloud using the TRX D8 ingest station or the integrated high-speed network interfaces.

According to Frank Murray, the CTO of Klas, to move away from the existing Level 2+ degree of automation of CAVs to the required Level 5 for full autonomy, requires products that can keep pace with the evolving architecture of the vehicle development environment.

”With the TRX D8 2.0, we are making the best use of our expertise and experience in edge-to-cloud data logging systems to deliver a product that has cloud-scale performance for vehicle logging that supports and protects the investment in existing PCI toolchains while enabling the advancement of ADAS/AD development environments within the cloud.”

The TRX D8 2.0 data logging system

The TRX D8 2.0 is designed to provide rugged performance and reliability to the highest specifications of MIL-STD-461 and 810 so that it can withstand the extremes of temperature, vibration and shock that is expected in harsh vehicular environments. The compact product supports either PCI or network-based logging by simply swapping the head unit.

The system features high-performance processing using an Intel Xeon D (10th Gen) CPU with up to 20 cores, designed for embedded and harsh environments at the edge as well as hot-swappable storage that provides the means of effortlessly turning around test vehicles within just minutes, requiring minimal IT expertise.

It has been designed to have rapid disk write speeds to reliably capture data from a greater number of high-bandwidth Ethernet sensors of cameras, lidar and radar. It has flexible connectivity to quickly transfer vehicle data to engineering workbenches of HIL/SIL over high throughput ethernet interfaces.

As ADAS/AD developers transition from traditional HIL environments to private clouds for more agile, scalable and consistent development environments, the TRX D8 2.0 provides a method of acquiring large quantities of data whilst also supporting high levels of security for the protection of data to a variety of standards using the latest hardware accelerated encryption technology.

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