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mmWave based high speed telemetry for motor sports will enable technology transfer into other applications

Technology partnership to deliver ultra high-speed telemetry for motorsport applications.

Two companies are targeting new breakthroughs in connectivity performance to provide a “data pipe” that can handle all data and video streams from a racing car in real-time.

The product will combine Blu Wireless’ mmWave technology with McLaren Applied’s intelligent motorsport gateway on-car telemetry hardware. This includes McLaren Applied’s software that ensures stable connectivity for vehicles moving at high speed. The software aggregates data across multiple networks and is a key enabler in the application of the mmWave technology for multi-gigabit connectivity across all racing car platforms.

The technology has been successfully tested over the last 12 months across multiple tests in the UK and North America, including demonstrating multiple HD video links on cars travelling at speeds above 165mph.

Sam Guest, Head of Motorsport Telemetry, Control & Analytics at McLaren Applied said: “We expect this new technology to deliver an even more engaging race experience for motorsports fans, with the potential to incorporate live gaming and other forms of interaction.”

Mark Halliday, Head of Product and Programmes, Connected Intelligence added: “The new collaboration with Blu Wireless is aimed at bringing a step change in connectivity in the harshest of race environments by offering new levels of speed and stability.”

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