Smart Motor Control Boosts Mill Production

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Motor control system improves horse feed production

Process Control specialist Promtek has developed a new smart motor control technique to maximise production at an animal feed mill.

The ultra-modern system, installed at Saracen Horse Feeds in Kent, allows manufacturers to access data on the materials, energy and time used per batch, using a combination of technology.

Looking to optimise production processes and bring the mill up to the 21st century, operations managers at Saracen turned to Promtek for its expertise in the integration of software and hardware.

Working in collaboration with Schneider Electric, engineers at Promtek have developed a solution where the mill’s machinery is controlled via a network connection. Previously, in order to gain such production insights, motors in the mill would have to be controlled with contactors and a costly PLC would have had to be installed, involving a complicated setup of cables and multiple measurement devices.

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