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Advanced simulation technology assures structural and crash performance of the Aurora

Hypercar manufacturer partners with experts in composites technology to use simulation in the development of new automotive structural components

Developers of the Aurora hypercar platform, Zenvo Automotive has entered into a technical partnership in conjunction with Madrid-based “Managing Composites”, together with whom they will the build of the new Aurora hypercar. Within the industry, Managing Composites’ reputation is second-to-none, providing support for many of the supercar and hypercar OEMs around the world. However, such is the secrecy around their work, generally the company is not able to talk about these projects. However, now they’ve opened up on the Aurora collaboration.

The Zenvo Aurora is poised to challenge the hypercar world with its cutting-edge technologies and ground-breaking design. Together with Managing Composites, Zenvo is targeting a composite platform boasting an impressive rigidity of 63,000Nm/deg between suspension hardpoints, while weighing under 120kg, (or an equivalent monocoque exceeding 75,000Nm/deg in less than 64kg). The Aurora solidifies Zenvo Automotive’s commitment to pushing the limits of what is possible, and working with composite engineering and development experts at Managing Composites to achieve the extreme requirements.

Expressing his enthusiasm for joining forces with the composite materials specialists, Jens Sverdrup, chief commercial officer and chairman of the board at Zenvo Automotive says, “The reputation that Managing Composites has in advanced materials engineering, coupled with their extensive experience in simulation and manufacturing, perfectly aligns with our vision for the future of Zenvo. Together, we will set new benchmarks for performance, design, and safety with the Aurora.”

Managing Composites will spearhead the development of an extraordinary carbon fibre platform for the Aurora. At the heart of this platform lies the monocoque, a critical component that ensures unmatched structural integrity and rigidity in the hypercar segment.

With their expertise in composite materials performance, characteristics and design peculiarities combined with the ability to perform advanced simulation analysis, Managing Composites is able to create a unique carbon fibre structure, that not only delivers superior performance but also matches the aesthetic requirements of the car manufacturer. This has resulted in a unique piece of automotive design that has interesting aesthetics whilst also setting new standards in design excellence.

Commenting on the partnership with Zenvo Automotive, Lluc Martí, CEO at Managing Composites says that the two companies have previously worked together on other projects and, when the latest opportunity came up, it was clear that there was only one way to go. “From the very beginning, it was evident that this was a project we had to be part of. And I must say, it has exceeded all of our expectations. It is truly a game changer in every sense,” he says.

Simulation Importance

One element of the partnership that is of crucial importance to the project and which goes far beyond just the monocoque design, is the extensive expertise that Managing Composites is bringing in terms of crash and structural engineering simulation.

The simulation studies that Managing Composites performs on its designs will help to ensure that the Aurora project surpasses the highest safety standards. By incorporating composite crash structures inspired by Formula 1 technology, Aurora will provide enhanced energy absorption and occupant protection during impact scenarios. Safety will be as paramount as performance in this project, according to Zenvo.

The work being done by the composite material specialist also goes beyond their contribution to the core structural platform. The company has also been given a pivotal role in the design and development of body panels and trims. In this respect, the Madrid-based team will create lightweight and aerodynamically efficient components which will enhance the overall performance of Aurora and contribute to the aesthetics of the finished car.

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