In-wheel motors for inner city mobility

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In-Wheel Axial Flux Technology motors could provide power for inner-city light transport

EV project focuses on the development of electric propulsion systems for providing lightweight inner-city mobility

Saietta is to help develop a next-generation zero-emissions inner-city transport system in collaboration with lightweight vehicle engineering and sustainable technologies specialist Electric Assisted Vehicles (EAV).

The project aims to accelerate the widespread adoption of e-mobility within inner city areas and congested town centres and reduce pollutants and emissions.

It centres on EAV’s Lightweight Inner-City Solution (LINCS) vehicle, which incorporates a modular lightweight skateboard-style platform intended to be an emissions free alternative to the traditional van in urban environments.

By electrifying this type of important commercial transportation first, delivery operations in congested, built-up areas will transform into zero-emission networks that also realise a huge reduction in noise pollution.

In-wheel motor

Smart mobility platform manufacturers typically position electric motors outboard but not in-wheel. However, the circular ‘pancake’ shape of Saietta’s AFT motors is an ideal fit to achieve a fully in-wheel design. The AFT 140 motors have been engineered to deliver the power and torque required at low-voltage, making them a significantly safer solution than using high-voltage alternatives.

According to Wicher Kist, Chief Executive Officer at Saietta, the collaboration with EAV on the LINCS platform will help showcase how effective in-wheel motors can be for lightweight commercial vehicles.

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