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Motion Generator provides very low latency combined with high bandwidth

Automotive test specialist co-operates with motion simulation company to boost software and hardware based prototyping capabilities

UK-based motion simulator technology provider, Dynisma, has entered into a commercial agreement with automotive testing technology supplier, Kistler Instruments, to combine their expertise in test instrumentation and simulation to boost automotive development, prototyping, testing and validation capabilities.

The combined solution was made public for the first time at an automotive testing event in the USA, where the two companies showcased their testing and motion generator simulation technology, which will enable industry adopters to further accelerate vehicle development.

Motion Generator Technology

Dynisma says that its range of “Dynisma Motion Generators” (DMGs) set new standards in terms of lowest latency (3-5ms) and highest bandwidth (>50-100hz in all 6DOF) and have been developed and built by a team of world-class engineers committed to ground-breaking solutions in motion generation.

With its technology, DMG systems can accurately transfer a higher level of information to the driver, providing a far more realistic and heightened, responsive driving experience than has been accessible to the automotive industry before. Low latency motion feedback ensures the driver can react faster to events, even enabling visual cues to arrive faster than is possible from state-of-the-art visual systems alone. High bandwidth motion provides more information to the driver or occupant about the vehicle and the environment, which provides a realistic and responsive driving experience.

Dynisma’s simulators also have unlimited yaw excursion, large horizontal excursion and high acceleration to deliver the most immersive experience possible for a driver.

Award Winning Technology

Last year, the company won the Development Tool of the Year prize at the Vehicle Dynamics International Awards for its DMG-1 and lightweight DMG-1 Carbon advanced driving simulators. This category celebrates lab tools that help vehicle dynamicists evaluate their designs and setups to achieve automotive excellence.

Founded in 2017 by experienced F1 driving simulator engineer Ashley Warne, who previously led the simulator development efforts of both Ferrari and McLaren, Dynisma has developed a unique approach to high performance motion generation.

Commenting on the recent agreement with Kistler Instruments, Ashley Warne, Dynisma’s CEO explained that this is another important step for his company.

“Kistler is a major supplier of automotive testing systems and combined with our vehicle dynamics simulation capabilities, together we will offer the latest advances in vehicle testing technology for the automotive industry. We’re looking forward to revealing more details on this partnership very soon,” he says.

Available as turn-key systems, or customised to exact requirements, Dynisma offers customers the possibility to integrate any type of chassis, in current production or prototype, for both automotive and motorsport applications.

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