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Unified ADAS and AV test system architecture is designed to handle the complexity of large numbers of test scenarios

Test system architecture for ADAS and Autonomous Driving increases test efficiency by unifying replay and HIL test

National Instruments’ latest advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) offering features a unified test system architecture that enables it to move iteratively between data replay and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing.

Validating the perception, planning and control algorithms running on ADAS electronic control units (ECUs) is key to ensuring that safe and reliable vehicles reach the market. The NI Replay and HIL AD system can aggregate and inject real-world road test data or simulation scenarios to test ADAS ECUs.

By providing a unified toolchain, common hardware configurations and test automation infrastructure across the ADAS workflow, NI enables companies to reduce capital equipment costs, improve test coverage and efficiency and shorten the time to market. The company’s unique approach ensures full validation test coverage for ADAS/AD functions, making existing data more usable throughout the entire product lifecycle, maximising performance to ultimately improve the performance of advanced automotive functions.

According to Drita Roggenbuck, senior vice president of NI’s Transportation Business Unit, National Instruments is working with major technology providers engaged in autonomous vehicle (AV) testing products to provide the system-level capabilities that end users need to quickly and efficiently test the complex algorithms and AI-based software embedded within today’s Autonomous Vehicles.

“Our customers, such as ZF Mobility Solutions, rely on our efficient connected workflow and expertise to help them achieve their goals at their pace,” says Roggenbuck.

ZF Mobility Solutions, a subsidiary of ZF Group and one of the world’s largest automotive Tier 1 suppliers, aims to provide clean, efficient, comfortable, and affordable mobility by the implementation of autonomous transport systems.

At ZMS’ Test System Development Department innovative, high quality and cost-efficient test systems are developed, tailored to the specific demands of verification and validation of complex autonomous transport systems and ADAS functions.

Dr Thomas Herpel, senior manager at ZF Mobility Solutions believes that AD and ADAS both require the combination of different test methodologies, which is challenging but essential to provide driver and passenger safety and ultimately for AVs to become a reality.

“With NI solutions, we can build up systems and move one step closer to a comprehensive test strategy consisting of both real-world and virtual test efforts,” he says.

AVs are among the most complex systems being tested today, and in order to bring them to market, manufacturers need to expand test coverage to a nearly infinite number of real-world scenarios, given known limitations on both time and budget. NI’s software-connected workflow makes use of the most appropriate solutions from its wide range of strategic partners in order to enable customers to do just that.

Included among this large network of partners is Konrad Technologies (KT), a supplier if ADAS and AV test systems. Combining NI’s ADAS software-connected test solutions with KT’s expertise in system integration and product delivery provides customers with an open turnkey system. This is achieved by delivering a fast, ready-to-use product while maintaining the flexibility, test re-use and customisation capability of the test system that is needed to accelerate the shift to self-driving cars.

“NI’s open and extensible platform gives us the opportunity to solve our customers’ challenges by offering customised and standardised product sets based on the NI toolchain,” concludes Michael Konrad, President & CEO from Konrad Technologies.

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