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Sensors and equipment from Panasonic Systems contribute to laboratory automation

Panasonic Systems have been attending the EuroMedLab 2021 event in Munich this year with its portfolio of sensors for laboratory automation

On show at the event was the company’s range of sensors and automation components for laboratory testing devices and liquid conveyance equipment, including micro-photoelectric sensors for the accurate control of sample flow within the transportation process of sample vessels.

These optical bubble sensors detect unwanted air bubbles that may provoke errors in liquid handling. Thanks to their analogue and contactless measurement capabilities, the company’s ultra-compact laser sensors can check, for example, liquid levels or the presence, conformity and correct position of caps and other moving samples.

The range of sensors on offer from Panasonic is designed for easy handling of samples in pre-analytics to ensure flexibility in the setup of the laboratory equipment. For example, its ionizers are available in ultra-compact designs and can dependably neutralise static charges of liquids within testing vessels. This prevents small electrostatically charged parts from sticking to each other and also stops liquid droplets from adhering to the test tube’s top edge or sidewalls.

Similarly, leak detection sensors identify possible spills of, for example, washing or reagent liquids to improve safety and smooth operation.

The sensor range complements the company’s portfolio of automation components like safety light curtains, controllers, motors and HMIs (Human-Machine-Interfaces), that will reliably contribute to the automation of laboratories.

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