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Blue tooth dual-mode RF module for applications with RF unfriendly housings

Panasonic has released the blue tooth dual-mode RF module for applications with RF unfriendly housings

A modern device’s housing is supposed to fulfil several criteria at the same time: Being compact and, for instance, rugged or waterproof at the same time might lead to the undesirable consequence of radio waves hitting an impermeable housing structure.

With the new PAN1316C HCI module, Panasonic Industry has now tackled this particular issue und succeeded in offering a way of circumventing a housing’s apparent RF unfriendliness.

The dual-mode PAN1316C supports Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Classic and is ready for the connection of an external antenna via bottom pin, whilst retaining all the necessary specifications of a Host Controlled Interface (HCI) Bluetooth Radio Frequency (RF) module.

With a iny footprint of only 58.5mm² (9 0mm × 6.5mm ×1.8mm and coming with the CC2564C, Texas Instruments seventh generation Bluetooth core integrated circuit, it offers very good performance.

Next to the UART interface, the module contains a audio/voice codec interface which is a fully-dedicated programmable serial port that provides the logic to interface to several kinds of PCM or I2S codecs. It has a wide operating temperature range of -40°C up to +85°C and a supply voltage range of 1.8V up to 4.8V.

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