UL508 and US 1-phase charging system compliant HE-R relay

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HE power relay product designed to cater to American Standards

Panasonic Industry has launched the HE-R2A series, an addition to the latest HE power relay line designed to cater to American Standards.

Complementing the HE-R4a1b, this new line extension offers enhanced capabilities for 1 phase systems while meeting US regulations.

The HE-R2A series 80A PCB relay for 1-phase systems features one feedback contact and is specifically engineered for optimal performance, each of the 2 NO contacts can efficiently switch up to 80A, even in ambient temperatures reaching +85°C. This is attributed to its advanced thermal design and a distinctive low coil holding power. Additionally, an optional NC contact serves as a feedback mechanism, adeptly handling low-level loads down to 10mA / 5VDC.

Bernd Jaschinski, Product Manager at Panasonic Industry Europe says, “The HE-R relay series is perfectly suited for demanding modern wall box designs, and we are happy that we can offer a UL508 compliant sibling of the successful HE-R type for European 4-phase systems, enabling the consolidation of switching functions onto PCBs with substantial space and cost savings also for Northern American markets.”

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