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IoT sensor from Sensata Technologies processes data at the edge of the network

Industrial IoT sensors with AI based analysis capabilities enhance predictive maintenance capabilities

Vibration monitoring and predictive maintenance specialist company, Sensata Technologies has launched a new asset monitoring method that enables predictive maintenance to be carried out for rotary plant and machinery and delivers actionable information to plant managers and engineers responsible to machine operation and maintenance.

Unplanned downtime related to motors, pumps and other rotating assets costs plants millions of dollars in lost production and reduced utilisation every year. Despite this, the existing methods for monitoring such machinery do not provide the real-time insights that plant managers need in order to truly monitor their assets in an effective way.

Wireless Sensors

The new technology being offered by the company is a wireless 6VW series IoT sensor, which provides information via the Sensata IQ platform and can simultaneously monitor each asset using six sensing modalities, including vibration, temperature, acoustic emission, speed, humidity and magnetic flux.

The sensors are designed to be an easy retrofit into a wide range of existing rotary systems and machines such as motors, pumps, blowers, fans or compressors. This can be achieved regardless of the brand or manufacturer of the machinery with no changes needed to the company’s hardware or control platforms. The 6VW sensor series is an easy-to-use device, which is very simple to install and has a mobile app for device configuration, making setup and installation possible in less than five minutes.

Using powerful AI-driven algorithms explicitly designed for rotary machinery by Nanoprecise, a Sensata technology partner, data from the sensor is analysed by the sensor itself at the edge for anomalies and then pushed to the Sensata IQ cloud-based platform for further analysis and data visualisation.

This ability aligns with the concept of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), in which the vast quantity of data gathered is processes at the point of data generation before passing only the processed relevant information back to the processor or cloud for analysis or direct use.

The Sensata IQ platform uses this data to identify potential faults, calculate the asset’s projected remaining useful life and deliver alerts to plant managers on their laptops, tablets or smartphones. The deep predictive maintenance analysis capabilities help plant managers to rely less on manual walkarounds and better understand the health of their assets.

“The partnership with Sensata Technologies has been a tremendous success for both parties,” says Sunil Vedula, Founder and CEO of Nanoprecise. “Together, we know that our AI-powered systems will help change the way plant managers around the globe monitor their rotary assets.”

Sensata is collaborating with technology companies such as Nanoprecise to develop comprehensive systems for assets that are rarely monitored due to the associated cost and also their complexity. Adding Nanoprecise’s technology to the Sensata IQ platform enables maintenance teams to make confident decisions and simplify maintenance programmes across rotary assets with data that can be trusted and accessed anywhere at anytime.

According to Naoto Mizuta, Vice President of Industrial at Sensata Technologies, Sensata IQ is contributing significantly to the monitoring of industrial assets, with reliable methods and technology that enable operators to easily increase productivity. This intuitive predictive maintenance technology, powered by Nanoprecise, allows plant operators to gain deep machine health insights on rotary assets in a simple way.

“Our mission is to make asset monitoring more accessible and this system supports that mission,” says Mizuta.

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