Acoustic Imager Integrated with Advanced Robotics

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Acoustic inspection routines can be defined on an autonomous robot controller

Autonomous robotics allow industrial maintenance teams to better monitor and troubleshoot equipment in hazardous areas.

Since 2021, Fluke Process Instruments has been working with Boston Dynamics to bring its SV600 Fixed Acoustic Imager capabilities to the Spot robotic dog.

The SV600 is now fully integrated with the robotic system making it easier to program acoustic inspection actions directly from the robot controller.

Using SoundMap technology, the SV600 can detect, locate and visualise air and gas leaks or changes in mechanical sound signatures across the process and equipment in real-time before they become costly problems. This provides facilities with further insights into product quality or safety concerns and the ability to quickly detect changes across compressors, pumps, pipes, and more.

Designed to go where other robots can’t go and to perform a broad number of tasks, Spot traverses unstructured terrain to automate industrial inspections, monitor remote or hazardous environments, and provide situational awareness in remote settings. With the SV600 as a payload for Spot, industrial acoustic inspections can occur regularly throughout the entire plant.

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