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Force transducer selection has been made simpler with guided configuration tool

Individually configured force sensors can be ordered within minutes from the manufacturer from over 10,000 possible variants

The Series K force transducer from GTM is highly configurable and is available in over 13,000 different configurations. To make selection of the right choice of sensor easier, GTM has now incorporated a configurator on its web page, which can be used to choose the right sensor in just one minute.

The models in the series have a nominal force range of 200 N to 630 kN and have an accuracy class of 0.02 to 0.05. They use the bending ring principle as a single integrated measuring process for force measurement. These load cells therefore set standards for accuracy, reliability and quality. One feature is their low sensitivity to parasitic influences (shear forces, bending moments, torsional moments and temperature fluctuations). They can withstand forces up to 300 % of the nominal capacity without breakage and up to 150% without zero-point shift. Thanks to a simplified selection and ordering process, the right variant can now be found in just one minute.

GTM customers can now configure and order their Series K force transducer using a guided step-by-step process, which saves a lot of time and work in finding the right force transducer. The configurator is backed up by individual customer service and guidance from specialists at the company where required.

The configurator also includes helpful tool tips, clear status displays and product images.

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