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DTA gauge and controller integrated into the sensor cable

Range of compact inductive sensors for displacement, distance, position, shape and geometry inspection

The new induSENSOR DTD-xG8 series from Micro-Epsilon is a complete preconfigured and calibrated inductive measuring system that consists of a DTA gauge (inductive LVDT probe) and controller integrated into the sensor cable. The cable is suitable for use in drag chains. The factory-calibrated system is fully linearised, enabling fast, easy plug-and-play installation.

The induSENSOR DTD inductive sensor system is based on the proven LVDT (Linear Variable Displacement Transducer) measurement method. The fact that the sensor and controller are permanently connected to each other allows the system to be pre-adjusted and calibrated at the factory so that the system can be installed and used straight from the box. The system offers extreme precision and delivers high signal stability and resolutions down to the sub-micrometer range. Due to its high temperature stability, resistance to shock and vibration, as well as insensitivity to dirt and dust, the induSENSOR DTD is suitable for use in harsh industrial environments.

The system has an adjustable current and voltage output, as well as an RS485 interface, which are output via a standard industrial connector (5-pin, M12). Parameter settings are carried out using freely downloadable software and an optional USB cable. Modern fieldbuses such as Ethernet, Profinet and EtherCAT are supported via optional interface modules. The sensors are available in four measuring ranges of ±1 mm, ±3 mm, ±5 mm and ±10 mm.

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