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Optical spectrum analyser for high capacity fibre optic communications

Yokogawa has released the AQ6370E optical spectrum analyser with features that enhance performance and improve usability.

Equally suitable for industry, universities and research institutions, the new model can be used to characterise a wide range of components, including lasers for optical communications, optical transceivers and optical amplifiers.

The new instrument is designed to meet the growing need for highly precise and easy to use test equipment in the R&D and production of optical communications devices and equipment. This is driven in part by the growth in the use of cloud services, 5G communications, and other information and communication services that require large-capacity and high-speed optical communication networks. This trend is driving the development of next-generation optical devices and components that support large-capacity networks. Evaluating the characteristics and quality of these devices and components requires high-precision optical test instruments that are able to analyse the light wavelength components and measure the wavelength characteristics.

One of these new features is HCDR (high close-in dynamic range) mode, with which a user can measure a single longitudinal mode laser with a high close-in dynamic range. This is a key performance criterion when developing lasers and optical devices.

There is also a SMSR (side mode suppression ratio) mode, which can reduce SMSR measurement time, and an APP mode. This provides a device under test (DUT) specific user interface that navigates the user from configuration settings to test result output, so that even customers who are unfamiliar with optical spectrum analysers can use it easily.

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