Ultra-High Speed Temperature Measurement

| Information and Communication Technology

Non-contact infrared temperature sensor offers high measuring speeds on metal and non-metal objects up to 500°C

An ultra-high speed pyrometer has been added to the Micro-Epsilon thermoMETER CT series of non-contact infrared temperature sensors.

The new CTM-4 device outputs a measured value every 300 µs and takes just 90 µs to acquire a stable measurement value. A spectral wavelength range of 2.2 to 6.0 µm supports the measurement of various objects including a range of materials including metals, ceramics and plastics. For fast parameter set up, the CTM-4 provides an integrated USB interface.

With a sensor head diameter of just 14mm and a length of 28mm, the CTM-4 can be easily installed in restricted spaces on a machine or production line. The pyrometer can be used in ambient temperatures up to 70°C without cooling. The remote electronics unit (controller) is connected to the sensor head via a cable, which can be up to 15m in length.

Important parameters can be entered directly or via an integrated USB interface enabling direct connection to a PC, where all settings can be fine-tuned using the CompactPlus Connect software. Data capture and recording are also possible using the software. Other serial interfaces or an Ethernet interface are also available as options.

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