In-Circuit Test System for PCB Assemblies

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The i3070 Series 7i E9988GL features the latest Quad-Density pin cards

The new Keysight i3070 Series 7i in-line test system is an automated in-circuit test system (ICT)

The instrument offers increased capacity and throughput, that enables manufacturers to economically meet the complex test demands of larger node count printed circuit board assembly (PCBAs).

The use of high-impedance nodes has been increasing as demand for signal quality, lower power consumption and improved functionality continues to grow. However, this also increases the duration of short tests, posing a challenge to testing efficiency. Testing high-speed PCBAs can be a time-consuming and daunting task, often requiring multiple cycles for comprehensive testing and slowing down manufacturing.

The Keysight i3070 Series 7i solves this issue by providing an automated testing process that substantially reduces overall test time. It increases capacity up to 5760 nodes on a slim in-line footprint to meet complex testing requirements and enables the processing of larger panels.

Carol Leh of Keysight explains that manufacturers are facing growing demand to provide more efficient and complex testing. “The Series 7i offers a new approach, delivering improved capacity and enhanced coverage with efficiency built from the start,” she says.

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