Precision Shaft Alignment

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New tool simplifies shaft alignment extending machine life

Fluke 831 Laser Shaft Alignment Tool Simplifies Precision Shaft Alignment at the point of use

Misalignment causes at least half of all damage to rotating machinery, but instead of fixing the problem, teams often just treat the symptoms of misalignment by replacing bearings, couplings and seals. The new tool from Fluke makes alignment easier with an intuitive guided user interface that enables quick and complete shaft alignment without advanced training or complicated programmes.

While it’s easy to use, the Fluke 831 is still powerful enough for the skilled technician, letting them cover more machines with all the functionality needed on-site, from thermal growth calculations to user defined tolerances and more.

By simplifying the task, the tool enables shaft alignment to become a regular part of the maintenance routine leading to less energy consumption through the elimination of reaction forces inside rotating machinery, increased reliability and increased maintenance intervals due to longer machine life.

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