Monitored PXI Multiplexer Module

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Rack mounted multiplexer verifies open channels prior to the application of test signals

Integrated monitored PXI multiplexer module from Pickering Interfaces indicates status of any active channel

A new range of PXI multiplexer modules (model 40-619) form Pickering Interfaces is providing test engineers with the ability to monitor the open status of any channel. The 40-619 performs the same as a typical single-pole, 2A 60W multiplexer but uses secondary relays to determine the multiplexer channel status.

Every multiplexer channel is provided with an additional monitor switch that allows the user, via an external measurement device, to verify that multiplexer channels are ‘open’ before applying test signals. This feature is essential in applications where the incorrect or unintended application of signals may damage the device-under-test.

The 40-619 is available in nine switching configurations from 16:1 to 128:1, providing flexibility in test system design. It uses high-quality electro-mechanical (EMR) signal relays suitable for switching loads up to 2A at 250VAC/DC. The compact, single-slot footprint permits the implementation of a monitoring function while minimising chassis slot space.

According to Pickering’s Switching Product Manager, Steve Edwards, the device provides a high density, low-cost integrated monitoring system, removing the need for complicated external wiring and additional test code, which is necessary if a similar topology were to be implemented using discrete switching.

“The module is designed for signal routing in automated test equipment (ATE) and data acquisitions systems, targeting applications where confirmation of the channel status is required prior to test signal application,” he says.

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