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Redefined sensing to change the way some sensors perform

SigmaSense enters agreement with NXP Semiconductors to meet the new demands of sensing systems of the future

The new deal will lead in the transition from traditional touch interfaces to multi-dimensional sensing capable of changing existing user experiences. SigmaSense has licensed technology to NXP and the companies will collaborate on high-performance sensing products for specific applications with demands for faster, more robust, fully immersive software-defined outcomes.

“The next generation of smart devices and applications are demanding data for enhanced functionality that requires an entirely new software-programmable approach to sensing,” said Lars Reger, CTO, NXP Semiconductors. “SigmaSense created a breakthrough in sensing technology with an innovative approach that makes exciting new product designs possible.”

“NXP’s expertise in high-volume semiconductor design combined with SigmaSense technology will accelerate a new approach to sensing products,” said Rick Seger, CEO, SigmaSense. “Our co-development with NXP marks the transition to a series of new data-centric design options driven by software-defined sensing.”

SigmaSense innovations make it possible to extract vastly more data from the physical world for a wide range of products and systems. Multi-dimensional sensing works through many different surfaces, shapes and materials, enabling previously impossible designs. With the invention of measuring current direct-to-digital, SigmaSense delivers low-voltage, frequency domain sensing. Fast, continuous, high-fidelity data capture with intelligent digital signal processing moves analogue challenges to the digital domain, where design flexibility can deliver orders of magnitude improvement. SigmaSense is changing system designs from foldable displays to EV batteries.

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