Rapid EV charger DC meter

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UL Certification for electric vehicle charger DC Meter

Plug and play meter provides accurate billing for electric vehicle (EV) charging while reducing time to market for new, faster chargers

Bi-directional DCBM meter enables electric vehicle charging station (EVCS) manufacturers to accelerate their certification for DC metering requirements following CTEP/NTEP certification. The DCBM will simplify the process of having to qualify the manufacturers’ own charging stations for UL listed certification and will undergo a fresh audit every quarter.

Capable of monitoring current, voltage, temperature and energy, the meter has been designed with data security, e-mobility, digitisation and flexibility in mind and is a UL recognised component for the United States and Canada. The DCBM 400/600 complies with the standards UL 61010 and UL 810 with its certification in the FTRZ category for EV applications. To achieve this certification, the meter had to pass reinforced insulation tests, temperature testing of all its components and sub-assemblies, testing for protection against electric shock, durability of markings tests, equipment temperature limit tests and resistance to heat/fire risk tests.

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