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Test and Measurement instrumentation range for power electronics analysis

Power test systems for automated power semiconductor characterisation and electrified automotive power conversion measurements.

The range from Tektronix includes dedicated power workstations focused on dynamic switching power conversion signals analysis, wideband gap double pulse test measurement and the characterisation of power semiconductor devices with parameter curve tracers as well as general power design systems for bench automation, including battery modeling and characterisation.

* The SiC MOSFET and GaN FET Switching Power Converter Analysis Kit includes patented probe technology to accurately characterise all the critical parameters for optimising power electronics topologies that use SiC and GaN.

* Wide Bandgap Double Pulse Test Software offers precise Wide Bandgap measurements that make device and system validation easier. The application is compatible with all Tektronix VPI probes and helps uncover all the hidden artifacts of SiC or GaN devices at the circuit level.

* In-Motor Drive Analysis (IMDA) Software supports a unique DQ0 measurement, that provides valuable insight into vector control systems. It mathematically computes D and Q from the inverter’s output and displays these control parameters in real-time.

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