Flexible microwave switching

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PXI based modular switching systems provide versatility to RF test engineers

Pickering Interfaces has been demonstrating its new 40/42-890 family of modular, flexible microwave switches

The range brings highly configurable switching products up to 110GHz to the PXI platform.

Ideal for test environments requiring high frequency microwave switching, from radar and communications to consumer electronics and 5G infrastructure, the new 40/42-890 microwave switch family provides highly configurable switching capabilities up to 110GHz via the PXI platform, delivering flexibility, versatility, and test system optimisation. “This new family available in both PXI & PXIe allows RF test engineers to select from and combine a wide range of high performance microwave relay types to suit their exact application requirements while minimising chassis slot usage by combining multiple relay and connector types on a single module,” says Steve Edwards, Switching Product Manager at Pickering.

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