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PXI based battery management test system

Test specialist focuses on providing test systems to verify the Battery Management System (BMS)

The UK’s Pickering Interfaces has been demonstrating its Battery Management System (BMS) test demo at the recent Battery Show in Stuttgart. According to Paul Bovingdon, Simulation Product Manager at Pickering, with the increasing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), one significant challenge to be tackled is the effective testing and validation of the BMS. He believes that using modular, PXI-based switch and simulation modules offers many advantages in BMS test, including flexibility to optimise the test system to meet exact requirements, including simple modification to address evolving needs and an open, industry-standard architecture that promotes system longevity and mitigates obsolescence, while providing seamless integration of multi-vendor instrumentation modules.

The PXI based BMS test equipment includes a battery simulator, fault insertion simulator, a precision resistor, a programmable resistor, a programmable power supply and an embedded controller all housed in an 18-slot chassis.

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