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The ScanBox Series 5 performs automated inspection of complex parts

The Scanbox 3D measurement machine provides large scale optical metrology capabilities

ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions has expanded its range of optical 3D measuring machines with a new model, the ScanBox Series 5. In the new series, the proven technological concept of the automated ZEISS ScanBox system is complemented by such improvements as an optimised robot module and a rotation table with a load capacity of up to two tons.

The ATOS 5 high-speed 3D sensor allows complex parts made of different materials such as plastic, metal or cast iron to be digitised and inspected in the shortest possible time. With each measurement, the optical sensor captures the entire surface geometry as well as hole patterns and other characteristics of the part. ZEISS ScanBox Series 5 provides full-field 3D measurement coordinates that can be compared against the CAD model and used for reporting. Deviations in terms of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing as well as trimming and hole positions are visualised in the GOM Inspect Pro software. Programming and controlling the measuring sequences is done via the virtual measuring room (VMR).

The ZEISS ScanBox Series 5 was designed and developed specifically for series measurements in production and test environments. The robust housing and sensor design as well as the compensation capability for temperature fluctuations enable smooth operation even in harsh environments such as foundries or the forging industry.

Comprising three variants, the new model series offers a high degree of flexibility and suits different application requirements. The ZEISS ScanBox 5110 is ideal for inspecting smaller parts up to one meter, such as turbine blades, whilst the 5120 model allows for automated quality control of larger parts up to two meters, such as interior components. ZEISS ScanBox 5130 can be used for measuring other components and assemblies with a diameter of a considerable maximum of three meters.

Modular adaptable concept

The ZEISS ScanBox Series 5 models can be configured in different ways based on a modular principle: Since the base components control tower, rotation table and robot module are identical in construction, the layout of the measuring room can be easily expanded at any time. In addition, the entrance of the 5110 and 5120 models can be equipped with either a door or a safety light curtain. For optimum access, especially for larger test components such as hang-on parts, the 5130 model is always supplied with a safety light curtain. Furthermore, the ZEISS ScanBox 5120 and 5130 models can be supplemented with a pallet loading system. Positioning pins are used to load the pallets quickly and reproducibly, allowing users to increase their throughput.

Ergonomic optimisation

The operator station comes with a new variable swivel arm, providing more comfort at the workstation: Incorporated into the control tower, the swivel arm allows the user to individually adjust the table height, making it possible to operate ZEISS ScanBox Series 5 either sitting or standing.

ScanBox systems are characterised by their full integration between hardware and GOM software. The GOM Inspect Pro control and measurement planning software in combination with the virtual measuring room (VMR) enables fully automated execution of measurement sequences. After importing the CAD data and the corresponding measurement plan, the software computes the required sensor positions and robot paths.

Thanks to a “Smart Teach” function, measurement positions in the VMR are automatically updated when the CAD or individual elements change. After completion of the inspection, possible deviations are identified in GOM Inspect Pro and can be displayed in a report with images, tables, diagrams, text and graphics. The reports can be directly mailed, if necessary.

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