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The Nordson Quadra 7 Pro MXI inspection system has been released

The Quadra 7 Pro Manual X-ray Inspection (MXI) System has been released by Nordson for back-end semiconductor applications.

Powered by Onyx detector technology, it delivers exceptional image clarity and reduced noise levels, creating what Nordson describes as new levels of precision and efficiency.

Equipped with the latest Dual Mode Quadra NT4 tube, the Quadra 7 Pro provides users with maximum flexibility. This innovative feature offers brightness and resolution modes, allowing operators to dynamically switch between them based on specific application requirements.

Enhancing the Quadra 7 Pro’s capabilities is the newly developed Revalution software, tailored specifically for high-end semiconductor applications. With an intuitive interface, optimised workflow and expanded functionality, Revalution software allows operators to efficiently analyse and interpret inspection data, contributing to faster decision-making and improved overall productivity.

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