Lighting Specialist Invests in EMC Lab

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EMC test laboratory helps understand the interaction of lighting with the environment

Gothenburg EMC laboratory dedicated to analysing the interaction of high powered lighting products with environmental factors.

Off-highway work lighting specialist TYRI has invested in an EMC laboratory in Gothenburg to measure how their products are affected by external interference factors such as power lines, cell towers or the electric environment of the vehicle.

When TYRI built the laboratory, the aim was to measure whether their lights interfered with other electronic equipment on board a machine. However, the goal was always to be able to carry out all the tests needed to ensure complete electronic compatibility of the lights – both the impact the lights have in their environment and the environment has on the lights. That goal has now been achieved with the recent investments made.

“There is a clear framework that needs to be met when developing new lights, but then we also have our own expectations of what our lights will cope with. With the equipment we had before, we were able to measure how our lamps affected the environment. But now we can also see how the lamps react to external stress. This can be anything from a power line hanging overhead, when there is a mobile mast nearby or other equipment on the vehicle that generates disturbances,” says Håkan Dalsvik, Senior test engineer at TYRI.

According to Dalsvik, it isn’t about the money saved by not having to rent time in external testing laboratories, but more about the speed of development for new lamps and understanding the effects of customisation. Finding an error late in the process and adjusting it and then lining up to get a new time to test is extremely time consuming and can affect delivery reliability.

“For this reason, we are very pleased to now be able to be completely self-sufficient in testing our products and with that we have also increased our level of knowledge in the company,” concludes Dalsvik.

In addition to testing electrical disturbances, TYRI can test its lights in its laboratory based on extreme weather conditions – ranging from cold to hot, moisture and dust. In addition, there is test equipment to measure, among other things, light image, vibration sensitivity and rust/corrosion resistance.

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