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The Mitutoyo LH600F Linear Height Gauge includes touch screen control and digital output options

Precision metrology instrumentation specialists have developed the Mitutoyo LH600F/FG Linear High Measurement System.

The LH600F is the latest model in the Mitutoyo Linear Height Gauge line with several added features and benefits along with a high-accuracy scale unit and high-accuracy guiding mechanism.

The LH-600F now features a touch screen interface that allows for easy and intuitive operation, allowing users to measure with the press of a button or through touchscreen icons. The rotatable and adjustable display of the LH-600F also allows for use from both front and rear orientations as well. There are new output options including a Digimatic output that allows data to be sent directly to Excel or SPC software, wired or wirelessly, while maintaining USB and RS232C output capabilities.

The instrument benefits from a new self-check feature that can detect dirt or oil on the encoder, ensuring the equipment is clean and able to provide accurate measurements.

In terms of usability, instant changes to units, resolution and delta measurement from the previous reading can now be made and an air bearing system makes it easy to move the height gauge around. This includes a semi-float mode that allows it to slide more easily while taking measurements, even with heavy parts.

Motorized capabilities provide better repeatability and reproducibility along with improved 2D mode to measure angles and bolt hole circles. It also includes a new optional footswitch that can be used for hands-free repeat measuring of volume parts, thus placing less physical strain on the operator of the equipment.

Multiple probe options and probe positions are switchable for better perpendicularity and straightness measurements. This contributes towards a high accuracy level with 0.1μm/0.5μm resolution/repeatability.

The height gauge fits within the Mitutoyo measurement and inspection range of products that includes machines, sensors, systems, and services with a line encompassing CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines), vision, form and finish measuring machines, as well as precision tools and instruments, and metrology data management software.

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