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The GelSight probe digitises the tactile qualities of surface characteristics

The GelSight Mobile Series 2 provides tactile measurement capabilities in a compact, ergonomic package.

The series 2 GelSight Mobile probe enables digital tactile sensing with the sensitivity and resolution of human touch. Data captured by GelSight’s elastomeric tactile sensing platform uses proprietary software and algorithms to provide detailed, accurate surface characterisation that can generate significant gains in productivity whilst also reducing the costs associated with manual or tool-based visual inspection. Dimensions of scratches, dents, hits, gaps, offset, hole diameter, and fastener flushness can be measured in high-resolution, on any surface, in seconds.

The Series 2 head size has been minimised so it can be used across a wider variety of applications. This is especially critical in the automotive and aerospace industries where it can provide rapid, repeatable, non-destructive testing for manufacturing and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) of engines, fuselages and other critical components.

According to Youssef Benmokhtar, CEO of GelSight, the company based the new model on the original probe produced by the company and turned it into a smaller, more user-friendly form-factor that can deliver payback value in a matter of weeks in terms of saved production time, labour costs and scrap.

“The introduction of Series 2 is ushering GelSight into a new era. We are digitising tactile sensing to unlock new opportunities for in-line and off-line quality control innovation, across industries.”

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