French Type Approval For Sound Level Meters

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Sound meter testing resulted in French type approval for aerospace products

HBK has achieved type approval from the French National Metrological Institute, LNE for its 2255 and 2245 sound level meters.

The tests were conducted by LNE in accordance with all requirements defined in standard NF EN 61672-3:2014 and 61260-1:2014 – and under Cofrac accreditation ISO 17025.

Obtaining this type approval is a significant milestone in France, as it enables HBK to supply its products to industries that require product measurements, which meet strict legal requirements.

Sound level meter type approval is a complex process, involving detailed testing of the sound level meter’s acoustic performance, as well as its EMC immunity and sensitivity to different environmental conditions.

According to HBK’s Head of Calibration, Repair and Rental EMEA, Nicolas Foiry, many people have contributed to the successful type approval of HBK 2255 and 2245, including but not limited to experts from our microphones team, technical writing, translation, the instrumentation and sound level meter software R&D teams and the local French Calibration team.

“A special thanks to Kasper Aarkrogh Steen who spent lot of energy to deal with LNE with a perfect collaboration with the French Calibration Team and Mathieu Pais Gomes who worked with me to support the project.”

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