Digital mirror calibration for HGVs

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Calibration of mirror cameras for goods vehicles has been simplified

Mirror Cam Calibration Tool provides easy and precise calibration of digital side mirrors on heavy goods vehicles

Conventional side and rear-view mirrors are gradually being replaced by digital side mirrors, which consist of two cameras mounted on the roof frame, which transmit the rearward environment in real time to the monitors on the driver and passenger side. This not only improves rear visibility, but also visibility around the A-pillars, which facilitates the entry and passage around roundabouts. The camera image of the digital side mirror, which swivels with the vehicle, also improves the overview when manoeuvring, turning and changing lanes. Another advantage is the aerodynamic design, which also saves fuel, according to the manufacturer. In order to function properly, however, the cameras must be calibrated correctly.

The Mirror Cam Calibration (MCC) system developed by Wabco, puts an end to tape and wooden slats when calibrating digital side mirrors on commercial vehicles. By contrast, the Wabco system allows mirror and camera calibration to be carried out by just one person in a simple and precise process. A quickly aligned measurement reference with the help of the lasers eliminates the need for time-consuming measurements and markings on the ground, making adjustment much easier and minimising sources of error.

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