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Photo Research SpectraScan PR-1050 Spectroradiometer

Photo Research has released the SpectraScan PR-1050 Spectroradiometer spectral based photometric and colorimetric light measurement instrument

Designed for applications requiring precise light measurements from a range of light sources, such as display monitors and projectors, reflective surfaces, and industrial applications, the industry-leading 500,000,000:1 dynamic range of the SpectraScan PR-1050 provides the optimal method of measuring the output of devices, from black to full white, without the need for external attenuation or any changes to the optical geometry. Ideal applications and devices for measurement with the PR-1050 include OLED, LCD, microLED screens, augmented and virtual reality devices, automotive & aerospace displays, laser projector calibration and display backlight testing.

“The PR-1050 represents a major step forward in our commitment to innovation and quality,” said Antonio Ciccarelli, Sr. Director Product Management, “we designed this product to cater to the diverse needs and applications of our customers, from researchers and scientists to engineers and manufacturers, all requiring accurate and precise spectral data.”

Other features of the new Photo Research SpectraScan PR-1050 include:

* Augmented (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) testing: Available AR/VR Aperture Diameters: 3mm, 4mm & 5mm.
* Wide Dynamic Range: Test any display/backlight without adding external filtration or changing apertures.
* Variable Spectral Bandwidth: Spectral resolution capability for any display technology from OLED to laser sources
* High speed cycle times: Dramatic reduction of total time required to test / calibrate display products.

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