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A seminar on net zero powertrain engineering will take place at the IAAPS

The Engineering Integrity Society is holding a seminar on Net Zero Vehicle Powertrain Engineering in April

Due to take place on 27th April 2023 at the IAAPS (Institute of Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems) at Bristol & Bath Science Park, the seminar is expected to cover the engineering design and development technology associated with net zero vehicle powertrains.

The design and development process for net zero transportation has unique challenges and has evolved its own distinct technologies. This EIS seminar at IAAPS presents some of these novel technologies for the net zero design and development process, as well as research and case studies for powertrain dynamics and integration. It will provide insight and knowledge in key aspects of net zero vehicle powertrain engineering and the opportunity to engage with experts in the field of net zero vehicle engineering.

It is ideally suited to those involved in EV development in the automotive industry or test houses that serve the industry.

Included in the programme is a keynote address by David Hudson of ePropelled covering “the second age of electric vehicles” and whether existing tools are adequate to deal with them.

Rob Chery of IAAPS will speak on modelling and experimental validation of a novel hybrid electric tractor architecture. The effects of electromagnetic excitation on the dynamics of an electric powertrain will be covered by Dr Marcos Ricardo Souza of Loughborough University.

Other speakers at the event will also include Dr Mark Burnett of HORIBA MIRA, Dr Hadi Moztarzadeh of APC UK and Omer Mir, who will talk about accelerated control and calibration for faster electric motor testing.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to visit the state-of-the-art experimental propulsion research facilities at IAAPS.

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