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Measuring device provides fast and repeatable measurements of autonomous vehicle radomes

QAR50 automotive tester is ideal for measuring radomes and bumpers in production.

The tester’s design ensures short measurement times and accurate, reproducible results with the ability to be adapted to individual requirements thanks to a highly modular software concept.

Advanced driver assistance functions require automotive radar sensors. For design reasons, these are usually installed behind bumpers or emblems. As experience with the Rohde & Schwarz QAR has shown, radome quality is strongly dependent on the transmission loss, reflectivity and homogeneity of the components under test.

The R&S QAR and R&S QAR50 use microwave imaging, which has numerous advantages compared to conventional, unfocused single-point measurements. Particularly in production, simple and reliable operation and short cycle times are crucial. The user-friendly interface of the R&S QAR50 simplifies measurements in the automotive radar frequency band – even for users without detailed RF knowledge.

The imaging method also provides information on whether the components under test are properly positioned. While single-point measurements only display the frequency response of reflectivity for a specific point, the tester also displays the spatial distribution of reflectivity. Tracking the point of maximum reflection provides information on component positioning.

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