Pressure Scanner for Differential Measurement

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Pressure scanner is able to meet the challenges of aerodynamic testing

A miniature pressure scanner that delivers 16 channels of true-differential measurement has been added to the EvoScann range

Evolution Measurement has added the EvoScann P16-D to deliver highly accurate, fast-response measurements with true-differential measurement to remove the need for manual calculations.

The compact P-Series scanners enable users to make critical measurements in previously inaccessible areas, addressing the challenges of aerodynamic testing of a wide range of items from wind turbine blades to aircraft wings. It allows aerodynamicists to gather measurements as close as possible to get to the area of interest, gathering data as quickly and accurately as possible.

The P16-D has the same rugged exterior as others in the series, which allows it to be subjected to high operating temperatures and strong vibrations, making it perfect for on-vehicle use.

It is also ideal for a wide range of applications where it can be placed within a structure to avoid any disturbance to air-flow.

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