3D SWIR Camera

| Information and Communication Technology

SWIR 3D camera operates at a 1130 nm wavelength

Camera innovation steps up to the needs of future industrial autonomous machinery applications

Jabil is currently demonstrating a prototype of a next-generation 3D camera with the ability to operate in both indoor and outdoor environments up to a range of 20 metres. The short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) camera operates at 1130 nanometers.

The camera will meet the requirements of future robotic and mobile automation platforms in industrial environments by improving automated functions such as obstacle identification, collision avoidance, localisation and route planning, which are key applications necessary for autonomous platforms.

The new technology of the camera is unaffected by sunlight, a previous obstacle to the deployment options of 3D sensing systems. According to Jabil, the new SWIR camera demonstrates 3D sensing where sunlight no longer impinges on the applicability of autonomous platforms.

“This new generation of 3D cameras will not only change the expected industry standard for mid-range ambient light tolerance but will provide a new capability for working across all lighting environments,” says Ian Blasch of Jabil’s Optics division

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