EMI test receiver bandwidth goes to 1 GHz

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The ESW EMI test receiver offers bandwidth extensions up to 1GHz

To help EMC engineers meet the increasing demand for higher measurement speeds, Rohde & Schwarz has introduced a unique wideband system

The system is able to measure up to 970 MHz in real time, while keeping a high dynamic range and measurement accuracy. With this new extension, the R&S ESW EMI test receiver features the largest bandwidth in the industry and becomes the fastest EMI test receiver on the market.

In order to speed up measurement time and to provide a more careful analysis of interfering signals, the ESW EMI test receiver will offer the possibility to increase its FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) bandwidth to 350 MHz with the new R&S ESW-B350 option, and to 970 MHz with the new ESW-B1000 option. This makes the ESW not only an instrument of highest performance in RF, functionality, versatility and hardware quality, but also in high-speed testing especially for pre-tests and general EMI analysis.

The R&S ESW can process the CISPR Bands C and D in one shot – even with quasi peak and CISPR average detectors working in parallel – offering a significant gain in measurement speed. The 970 MHz wide spectrum is measured in real time; users benefit from a truly gapless spectrogram. Infrequent emissions can be observed over a significantly longer time and are detected with a much higher probability. Emissions from equipment under test going through a duty cycle are recorded over a broad spectrum of 970 MHz without missing the shortest pulse.

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