Clamp Meters for Non-Contact Measurements

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High voltage clamp meters are available with a wide range of accessories

Voltage and current measurement can be carried out more safely using FieldSense based contact free clamp meters

An extended range of clamp meters is now available from Fluke to include two new contact-free measuring devices, the 377 and 378 true-RMS clamp meters using FieldSense technology to make testing easier and safer, all without contacting a live conductor.

Technicians are able to simultaneously obtain accurate voltage and current measurements through the clamp jaw by connecting the meter to any electrical ground and clamping around the conductor. Conveniently, the display turns green when a stable FieldSense measurement is detected, providing a visual indication that is very useful in noisy environments.

Use is further simplified by the inclusion of the iFlex flexible current probe that provides access to large conductors in tight spaces and permits the measurement of AC current as high as 2500 A.

“Speed of use and safety are two primary considerations for the large number of technicians that have to make high voltage and current measurements frequently,” says Walter Hock of Fluke.

With their ability to measure up to 1000 A True-RMS AC/DC and up to 2500 A (AC) with the iFlex current probe, the Fluke instruments are suited to high power measurement, including three-phase systems. Only three simple steps are required to measure three phase systems, and a full set of phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground values are calculated. All measurements are shown simultaneously on the dual display.

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