Current sensor demand drives capacity

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Demand increases for current sense transducers

Danish supplier of sensor equipment builds capacity to meet the demand for its equipment due to vehicle electrification

Currently the electronics industry worldwide is still facing component shortages resulting in long lead-times and in some cases, dramatic increases in prices. However, current sense transducer supplier, Danisense is still quoting normal lead times, thanks to the company’s in-house manufacturing and well-established supply chains.

According to Loic Moreau, Sales & Marketing Director at Danisense, one of the key markets Danisense supplies is EV equipment and the company reacted to predictions of growth in the market and the fast move to electrification as well as an associated need for increased testing amid a likelihood of component shortages.

“Therefore, we anticipated the current challenging situation and increased our inventory well in advance, so now we can now still supply our customers within normal lead times. We have seen similar cycles before, such as in 2008/2009 when there was a big collapse followed by a string recovery, so we were well-prepared,” he says.

Danisense continues to invest, developing all aspects of its business to be able to respond to the needs of its customer base. Headcount has more than doubled in the last two years, especially in R&D, and the factory has been completely re-organised to streamline manufacturing.

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