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Large bandwidth current transducer for high frequency measurement applications

A new current transducer from Danisense offers extra-large bandwidth for high frequency applications

The DW series of closed-loop compensated zero-flux current transducers measure up to 500A and offering excellent accuracy with 10ppm linearity and low offset at 15 ppm. To meet the increased requirements in terms of high frequency coming from the latest power conversion products based on wide bandgap semiconductor technologies such as gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC), Danisense has revised its winding processes and now achieves an exceptionally wide bandwidth of up to 10MHz with its latest DW500UB-2V product.

DW series devices benefit from a full aluminium body for superior EMI shielding and a wide operating temperature range from -45°C up to +40°C. A very high power measurement accuracy, low noise and an industry standard BNC connection are further features. The main target application is power measurement in laboratories for the design optimisation of power converters – typically for e-mobility applications. DW series current transducers can also be used for power measurement and power analysis for stable power supplies, precision drives, battery testing and evaluation systems and current calibration purposes.

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