Fibre Optic Multi-Sensing for Critical Infrastructure

| Information and Communication Technology

Fibre monitoring technology will play a key role in the SoFiN multi-sensing project

The fibre optic multisensing network (SoFiN) project is to be flexible platform for fibre-based sensing in critical infrastructure.

The four-year project will harness cloud connectivity and AI to improve monitoring of fibre-optic and power distribution networks as well as to reduce leakage in water supply systems.

The SoFiN project has the potential to improve the way critical infrastructure is supervised and protected. It will produce low-cost and energy-efficient multi-sensing systems expected to address the monitoring needs of various industries, including telecommunications, power grids and water supply networks. The platform will measure properties such as strain, temperature, vibration and acoustics through interrogator and sensor technology, cloud connectivity and AI-based signal interpretation.

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