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Smart motor sensors provide information in a dashboard format maintenance

Macnica has launched the Mpression Smart Motor Sensor for use in industrial automation.

The device is also being used to assist predictive maintenance and monitoring in industries such as pharmaceutical, food & beverage, energy, water utilities and paper.

The smart motor sensor consists of hardware equipped with an ultra-high-precision MEMS sensor developed by Analog Devices, and dedicated software. Hardware installation is performed by attaching a battery-powered sensor to the cooling fin of the motor, and initial settings are configured by a smartphone app. Once in use, AI machine learning is automatically initiated, and an AI model to detect anomalies will be automatically generated after a period of time. This allows the vibration, temperature, and magnetic field data to be collected by the sensor to be checked via PC, smartphone or tablet with alerts sent in the event of an abnormality.

There are 9 detectable types of motor anomaly, each analysed with an independent normal value of 0 – 10, allowing predictive maintenance to minimise catastrophic failure and downtime, without any special knowledge of vibration analysis or AI.

Timings for maintenance, repair and overhaul can be optimised by examining the data and performing the maintenance during regular operating hours, thereby reducing maintenance costs while preventing downtime. Optimising maintenance and overhaul leads to optimal motor operation and efficiency in manufacturing processes where motors in the factory cannot be stopped, or where stopping would have an impact on the business.

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