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Test laboratory gives app developers open access to banks of Samsung hardware

Remote Test Lab Programme provides open access to test hardware for developers of smartphone apps

Samsung has opened up its remote test lab programme to more laboratories, which allow developers to easily test their applications virtually and remotely on thousands of Samsung Galaxy devices, now including the Galaxy S21 series with One UI 4 beta, and the latest Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Z Flip3 5G. The Remote Test Lab programme makes it much more efficient for developers to test their new applications, as they don’t have to cover any hardware costs.

With global access to the Remote Test Lab programme, developers from around the world will be able to test their applications remotely on Galaxy test devices, regardless of the country they reside in. Over the last ten years, Samsung has built Remote Test Labs around the world, including in India, Poland, South Korea and the United States. To make access to the programme’s services faster and more reliable than ever before, Samsung has now scaled up the programme to include labs in Brazil, Russia, the United Kingdom and Vietnam.

“We wouldn’t have been able to offer such innovative mobile experiences to our users without our incredible developer community,” said TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. “That’s why we are investing our expertise and innovative technology to support developers – they are crucial partners as we continue to expand our open Galaxy network.”

With the new version of the programme, developers will get access to an automated testing tool that will allow them to monitor CPU and memory consumption when running their apps and check if an application has any impact on system resources. And thanks to a new web client service, the programme features an improved user interface and enhanced graphics. In the near future, developers will be able to use a new communication channel, giving them direct access to Samsung experts who can advise them on how to improve their app performance.

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